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Issues of Eucalyptus Plantations

It was estimated that in 1989 world wood consumption was around 4,560 million m3    most of which was from non-sustainable sources.  A projected consumption of 2010 was at 6,860 million m3 which meant further loss of natural tree cover leading to desertification.  There are indigenous species that can be used to control desertification but they are a difficult to establish. Fast growing species like Eucalyptus have been a quick fix, in producing firewood for charcoal reducing the rate at which vegetation is being cleared for firewood. An estimation of 25 million ha of fast growing trees are needed to satisfy the demand for fuel wood in Sub Saharan Africa.
Eucalyptus has been planted indiscriminately, where there is competition for land, water or nutrients that has brought a few problems including; the reduction of natural forests depriving the people of their benefits; it has promoted soil and nutrients loss; it has reduced hydrological values when water resources dry up; it causes bi…