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Ugandan Flowers

Commercial flower farming started around 1992 and it was as result of the decline in volume and value of traditional cash crops i.e. cotton, coffee and tea. The Uganda Flower Exporters Association (UFEA) says that about 178 hectares of land is used by the flower industry where 145.5 hectares (roses), 30.5 hectares (chrysanthemums) and 2.1 hectares (plants and foliage). There are more than 19 companies some are foreign owned, joint ventures and locally owned. Most of them are located near Lake Victoria and near the airport.
Wetlands are targeted by most of these companies like the Lake Victoria Lutembe Bay was targeted and reclaimed by Rosebud LTD for flower growing. Little was done by National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) and the government. May be the government does not understand their functions to the ecosystem, that is a topic for another day. But the United Nations (UN) estimated that the global value of wetlands at $15 trillion and some of the functions include clima…