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The state of GMOs in climate change strained Uganda

GMO maize at Namulonge, a research station north Kampala (
Crop production is very sensitive to temperature and climate change this has put the global food security in the balance.  About 30% yield of maize is lost to drought as result the Uganda government is losing an estimated $19.4 million. While the loss in the banana sector is 71.4% which is about $299.6 million due to banana bacterial wilt.
Due to change in climatic conditions and population increase, scientists are using modern biotechnology to genetically modified plants to make them climate change resistant. This means you have to repurchase new seed from them each season, opposed to the traditional practice of saving seed from one season’s harvest to plant the next. Multinational companies have patents that do not allow traditional seed propagation, which makes agriculture an expensive venture for the youth. However, patented crops don’t know they’re not supposed to spread like natural ones. Farms can easily …