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Uganda’s Black Gold

Uganda’s growth in energy demand has been due to the rapid population growth and urbanisation though the supply has not had that corresponding growth. Filling the gap hydroelectricity has been the cheapest and convenient alternative and whose demand was estimated by Uganda’s National Development Plan to reach 35,000MW in 2015. Its high price and limited access has made wood fuel the largest source of energy in Uganda, about 95% Ugandan’s depend on wood and charcoal for cooking. Charcoal is reliable, accessible and convenient cooking source, with affordable and stable prices.
As commonly known as ‘Black Gold’ by many, households who are part of the value chain have had their socio – economic status up lifted. Traders who got their charcoal from Hoima Nakasongola, Luwero, Masindi, Kafu, Luwero and eastern Uganda have had the private and community forests cover depleted. The northern part of Uganda which had its forest flourish during the 2 decades of Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) conflic…