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Cattle Corridor

The cattle corridor is land stretching from south western to north eastern Uganda characterised with high rainfall variability and periodic droughts covering 29 districts through to Tanzania. During the recent census for livestock it was estimated Uganda to have about 11.4 million cattle (Uganda National Livestock census report, 2008). The cattle corridor hosting about 7.3 million cattle, this summing up to 2,701.073 million litres of methane per day. There was a 0.3 degrees Celsius increase in temperature in 2009 (Nicholas, 2011) around the cattle corridor and further 2 degrees Celsius is expected in the coming few decades. The above might be due to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions mainly methane during digestion of cattle and the clearing of forests for ranching.
In a recent UN report growing herds of cattle are the biggest threat to the climate, wildlife and forests. The 1.5 billion cattle is responsible for about 18% of greenhouse gases more than all kinds of transport pu…