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EAC reacts to the Paris Agreement ahead of Marrakesh

The East African Community is composed of 6 countries with the newest member South Sudan that are economically, socially and culturally integrating as way of improving the wellbeing of its people. Agriculture is the largest sector in the region which is rain fed and its vulnerability to climate change is high. Making the issue of climate change very important to the region. A climate change policy has been developed to foster sustainable development through well organised mitigation and adaptation strategies. 
Temperature it was agreed to limit the global temperature below 2° Celsius and further to 1.5° Celsius. Where developing countries in the EAC were expected to develop a low carbon sustainable development strategy.  Keeping temperature below 2° Celsius should be the main priority of developing countries in the EAC community as most of its economic activities are climate change sensitive. The above to be achieved the burning of fossil fuels should cease by 2030 world over.
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