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Trade liberalization and climate change

Trade has been expanding in terms of volume for the past 50 years, and in this time it has been faster than the 19th and 20th century put together due to technological change and liberalization.  This liberalization of trade has increased the number of countries taking part in international trade, where developing countries contribution has doubled to 34% since the early 1960s. A study to examine the environmental impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) broke down the effects into three (scale, technique and composition).
The scale of greenhouse gas emissions will increase as of the result of expanded level of economic activity, this can be viewed in the increase in the value of production, increase in energy use like fossil fuels and cross border transport. In 2004 transport contributed about 23% greenhouse gas emissions, where 74% came from road, 8.6% from marine and 12% from air transport (International Energy Agency).
Liberalisation will lead to improvements in th…