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Is Climate Change determining who leads Uganda 2016 – 2021?

In the past politics has been linked to climate change but it’s not easily understood, there is some evidence to prove that exists. Drought in Syria between 2006 and 2011, which was the worst ever recorded destroyed almost everything including agriculture, which led to many families migrating from the rural areas to cities. This human influx added to the already stressed social structure by the refugees from the Iraq war. This added to other stressors leading to a full blown conflict in the region.  Egypt faces a similar trend from climate change, if sea levels rise to a height that would salinize the Nile Delta. About 3million people from the city of Alexandria will be forced out, the Suez Canal may not be that important in the future when the North Sea melts. If the precipitation reduced leading to water shortage more drastic measures (Military) would be adopted that would be directed towards Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan and other nations up stream of the Nile. In Abu Simbel which is…