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Issues surrounding Cage Fishing in Uganda

Fish Farming has been practiced since the 1950’s but it has never gone beyond small subsistence level. China in partnership with the National Fisheries Resources and Research Institute (NaFIRRI) in 2012 started a pilot project of cage fish farming in Uganda, It was ascertained that it supports over 4.2 million farmers, and yielding around $116 million a year through fish exports. There is room for expansion to other water bodies like Lake Kyoga in Uganda, supported by another pilot study done by NaFIRRI the technology is environmentally safe. Commercial Fish Farming in Uganda has a high potential due to vast fresh water bodies and rivers if tapped.  Unfortunately fish farming has not been promoted, 40% of the global fish is farmed, where Africa contributes less than 3% which is contributed by Egypt, growing more fish than the fish caught in Uganda. A former deputy Prime Minister Kirunda Kivejinja said that Lake Victoria commercial potential has not been tapped, through cage fish farmi…