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Limits to climate adaptation in Uganda

Projections for sea-level rise above present-day levels (ocean – left) and warming compared to present-day extremes (land – right) for 2100. A 2°C warming scenario is shown on the left; a 4C warming scenario is shown on the right. Source: PIK
Uganda has two rainfall seasons, the first one in March and June characterized by more intense rains, the second one is from October to January with lighter rains, and this behavior is influenced by the El Nino and La Nina trend in the Indian Ocean (LTS International, 2008). There has been severe weather situations recorded in 1961/62, 1997/98, 2007(rains) and 1993/94 (drought). Reports suggest that Uganda will become wetter and by 2080 temperatures will increase by 4.3 degrees Celsius (Ministry of Water and Environment, 2007). There is a National Adaptation Plan of Action (NAPA) which coordinates all activities locally and nationally, a list of the most important sectors affected by climate change which include the following: Water, Tourism, Heal…