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Government environmentally catastrophic U turn on plastic bags

We all know that polythene bag creation was an accident by Hans von Pechmann in 1898 and its proper disposal never followed thereafter.  Over a trillion plastic bags are used every year which implies that about 2 million a used each minute. Over 100 billion plastic bags are used in the USA each year, which means 300 bags per person. In the European Union over 200 plastic bags are used individually per year, meaning about 100 billion bags per year across the European Union. Plastic bags where introduced in Uganda in the 1980’s, and it has been used with love for wholesalers, retailers and consumers. At one point during a political rally one legislator said “when he is office every Ugandan will be able to return home with a plastic bag full of goodies”.
Source: East Africa Business Week In a US research report, the plastic degrades very slowly in the seas into smaller particles called micro – plastic, young fish die from micro plastic which they cannot digest. Plastic bags in a breeding …

City's Nuisance turned gold

Plastic is a nuisance after use, especially if there are no guidelines of how to dispose it off. In developed countries there are special containers and in some places you are paid to dispose of your glass and plastic. In Kampala the capital city of Uganda receives about 600 tons of disposed of plastic every day, which ends up in sewage systems and littering the city (National Environment Management Authority) adding to the uncollected garbage which ends in manholes, drainage channels, on the road side and natural water courses. Which is normally dumped during night fall in slum areas, leading to flooding in those areas and the city as most of the water channels running through the city originate from slum areas.  The government once threatened banning packed water if the producers didn’t ensure proper disposal of used bottles by the Minister of Water and Environment in 2009. Coca Cola is the only company that has complied by setting seven plastic waste collection centres in the whol…

Climate Change needs Martyrs

Today (3rd June, 2015) Uganda celebrates Martyrs day, from 25th May to 3rd June executions were carried out in Buganda. These young men died for their new found faith Christianity. Such faith was shown by kayakers who were stopping the oil rig in the Seattle Elliot Bay, six activists from Germany, New Zealand, USA, Australia, Sweden and Austria went on board in April, 2015.   Background
Africa was introduced to Christianity as early as 1878 when Pope Leo XIII asked French cardinal Charles Lavigerie the archbishop of Algiers and Carthage to go spread the gospel. Their trek into Africa they meet the largest and most powerful ethnic group in current East Africa called Baganda, with its level of advancement then we now attribute its development compared to other tribes around.  In 1860 Mutesa took the throne, he allowed his subjects to choose from Islam, protestant and catholic but Mutesa never subscribed to any religion leaving each group to assert its influence in the kings court by pr…