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Climate change deniers are not aware of these isolated incidents in Africa

Effects of climate change have been visible to us for some time now, but since they are gradual not abrupt communities do not seem to notice them, climate change deniers must be blind not to see some of these. In an IPCC climate change synthesis report in 2007, it was envisaged that Africa will be the most badly affected continent. With some parts experiencing less precipitation by 2020 exposing over 250 million people leading to a fall in agricultural production. Other parts of central and eastern regions will have increased precipitation leading to loss of food, lives and property during flooding.  Places on low lying coastal areas like Lagos, Cairo, Contonou, Massawa, Alexandria and Lome will be affected heavily. 
                                Source: IPCC, 2007
Agriculture Climate change impact on the agriculture sector is grave serious.  It feeds communities and any disruption will mean a family will go hungry, scientist have also proved that there has been a loss in nutrients…

Employment through tourism in Uganda: Relating to Lake Inle Degradation

The above video shows what is happening at Lake Inle
In a recent survey Ugandan graduate quota was 400,000 leading to the accumulation of excess human capital with no subsequent employment opportunities. With this demographic sustainable growth is needed of employment in both formal and informal sector to the meet the growing population. Entrepreneurship promotion as a way to fight poverty has been a challenge because it has not created employment as expected. This has led to an increase in self – employment in the informal sector but it has not resulted in additional job creation.

Many livelihoods of Ugandans are tied intimately to the environment as a source of household requirements and production. Uganda’s agricultural, mining and tourism sector are dependent directly on the natural resources and the environment. It’s possible that the environment and natural resource base is the highest provider of gainful informal employment to the Ugandan economy (Yakobo Moyini , Eugene Muramira,…