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Road to Paris COP 21: Uganda

Uganda has a fragile climate that is vulnerable to droughts and floods and that has affected the socio – economic development of the population negatively. Its people wellbeing is tightly attached to the climate, this has Uganda highly vulnerable to climate variability. Anthropogenic drivers are to make the situation worse, where temperatures will increase by 1.5 ºCin the next 20 years, with a 4.3 ºC increment expected by the 2080s. African Crop Science Journal has confirmed the above scenario, It expects temperatures to increase from 1.4 ºC to 5.8 ºC and it has warned sub – Suharan Africa especially Uganda to suffer severe effects. With high temperatures some pathogens are favoured this leads to the spread of diseases and pests, this also effects productivity of humans as well.The research states that the average surface temperature is to slightly increase in all seasons i.e. maximum during March to May and September to October which are the rainy seasons is 10 ºC and 70 ºC respectiv…