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Fighting Climate Change through Solar Lighting

Uganda’s Conventional electrification schemes are not cheap for rural dwellers to afford leading to only 7% rural household connections to the national power grid. For that reason it will take about 400 years if the annual connection rate doubled to connect the existing rural household. Greenhouse gases emissions are brought about by fuel based sources like kerosene, where kerosene lamps are in use for lighting black carbon has been spewed leading to climate change. These lamps are responsible for over 100 million tons of carbon dioxide annually, where during its life span of 5 years each lamp will have emitted about 1 ton of carbon dioxide. Currently about 1 billion people rely on kerosene for lighting around the world this has led to household fires, diseases like chronic bronchitis in women and acute respiratory infections in children (Armstrong and Campbell 1991). Pregnant women have suffered due to the harmful chemical substances emitted especially the growing fetus. Carbon mono…